Air Wick Lavender & Camomile Plug & Refill


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Air Wick Lavender & Camomile Plug & Refill Complete

Enrich your home with the refreshing aroma of Air Wick air freshener electrical plug in refills. Designed for use with all Air Wick plug in devices, this refill releases its scent continuously and can be adjusted according to your needs – keep a low setting for subtle fragrancing or small rooms; or turn up the intensity and fill even the largest of rooms with enticing and elegant aromas.
This refill contains natural essential oils and lasts for up to 40 days on a minimum setting. Simply keep the refill upright and insert into the diffuser until you hear a click. Marvel as the atmosphere in your home is transformed into one of luxury.
Bring to life the aroma of natural lavender and bergamot finished with a flourish of red geranium.

Ultimate Fragrance Control
Air Wick Plug-In Refill is designed to release bursts of continuous fresh fragrance so your home always smells welcoming. You can choose between 5 intensity settings to ensure just the right amount of fragrance in any room.

How to Use: 1. Remove the plastic cap from the fragrance bottle. 2. Firmly insert fragrance bottle into the underside of the plug diffuser unit, until a ‘click’ can be heard. 3. Plug the assembled unit into an available socket. 4. To increase or decrease the fragrance intensity, rotate the dial on the top of the diffuser. Largest mark = max setting

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