Bloo Toilet Blocks 2in1 Limescale Prevention 7x (2x 50g)


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Bloo Toilet Blocks 2in1 Limescale Prevention 7x (2x 50g) – 14x Toilet Blocks Total

New: New Bloo toilet cistern blocks for stronger and longer lasting results to keep your loo fresh and clean. With additional limescale prevention action.

Fresh and clean: Bloo toilet blocks give you a hygienically toilet cleaning foam from the cistern as well as foaming action and blue water with every flush.

Toilet limescale remover: Bloo toilet cistern blocks create a strong foaming action to prevent limescale, keeping the loo hygienically clean in between deep cleans.

Clean colour: Bring colour to your bathroom and turn your toilet water blue with the blue toilet blocks which freshen and target limescale between flushes.

Long Lasting: The blue toilet stain remover block lasts for multiple flushes, up to 800 flushes (4 weeks per block) of cleaning and foaming blue water action.

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