Febreze Electric Plug In Refill Sugarplum Delight 20ml


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Febreze Electric Plug In Refill 
Sugarplum Delight 
Limited Edition 
Febreze Air Freshener Plug-In Refill with Odourclear technology continuously cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent for up to 80 days (if used 12 hours a day on setting 2). Create the ambiance you desire with Febreze Plug-in and its bountiful range of high quality fragrances that truly cleans away odours, letting you and your guests enjoy a true scent and freshness experience. Use the Febreze Plug refills only with Febreze devices, sold separately, to fill your home with air freshness and fragrance that you will keep noticing day after day, week after week.


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