Flash Multi-Surface Gel Cotton Fresh 600ml


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Flash Multi-Surface Gel 2x Power – 600ml

Cotton Fresh

50% Less Plastic within the packaging. Bottle is 100% recycled plastic.

Flash Ultra Power liquid gel revolutionizes your cleaning routine. Its breakthrough cleaning technology cuts through up to 100 Percent of dirt, grease and grime (tested on the most common surfaces and types of dirt, showing complete removal). It’s so strong it has double the cleaning power per drop compared to dilute all-purpose cleaning products. This concentrated cleaner has been specially developed to give you a great cleaning and shine result on your floors and other surfaces. It’s ideally balanced formula allows you to tackle the tough household messes on and off the floor without one drop going to waste, from effortlessly cleaning dried food stains and tough grease, to mopping the floors and making your bathroom sparkle. You can use this surface cleaner almost everywhere on the wooden floors, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, in your oven, on your worktops, countertops, cupboards, granite sinks and even on your stainless steel hob. Flash Ultra Power is a multipurpose cleaner: a floor cleaner, a bathroom cleaner, a sink cleaner, a kitchen cleaner. Flash = Wipe through dirt in a Flash.

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