Glade Sense And Spray Refills Petals And Blossom Fragrance 18ml


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Glade Sense & Spray 

Air Freshener


Petals & Blossom Fragrance


Glade Sense & Spray TM air freshener diffuser, the only motion activated fragrance.

A lovely freshness is imparted by the fruity, tangy and sparkling top notes of wild strawberry, grapefruit and crisp apple.

Attractive design with motion-sensor technology that allows the unit to spray when you pass by
Air freshener with a boost button that can be pressed at any time for an extra burst of fragrance
Choose from a variety of premium glade fragrances infused with essential oils
20-minute lockout setting to help conserve refills
sense & spray (with 180 Degree design) lock-out mode is 20 minutes depending on the switch setting
Use in any room where an instant release of fragrance is needed

Manufacturing Date – 07/06/2021

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