Lynx Attract For Her Shower Gel 225ml


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Lynx Attract For Her Shower Gel 225ml 

Let attraction spark up with the fruity and floral fragrance of Lynx Attract for Her Body Wash. You never know what’s just around the corner. Or who. So, you need to smell your best whenever, wherever.

With 12-hour refreshing scent, Lynx Attract for Her washes away odor and keeps you smelling shower-fresh. All. Day. Long. This irresistible fragrance boosts your scent – and your confidence – leaving you clean, fresh and smelling 100% ready.

Wash away odour and smell refreshed for 12 hours with our cleansing body wash.

Plus, our 100% plant-based moisturizers keep your skin feeling irresistibly soft, naturally. All day, all night – no matter what, you’re ready. Fresher you, cleaner planet.

With new rose and bergamot scent



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