Original Source Zesty Lemon & Green Tree Shower Gel 250ml


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Original Source Zesty Lemon & Green Tree Shower Gel 250ml

Experience rapid refreshment with our Zesty Lemon & Tea Tree Original Source Shower Gel. We’ve wedged 10 real lemons into our 100% natural fragrance in every body wash bottle so you can pack more into your day. Our lemons are sourced from Sicily.

Growing lemons has always been an important part of Sicilian agriculture – 80% of all Italian production of lemons originate from the island and this has been true since Roman times! The lemons are handpicked by farmers and cold pressed to extract the 100% natural fragrance that goes straight into our shower gel.

Our cruelty free shower gel products are tested on us, never on animals, they’re paraben free, microplastic free and Vegan too. In fact, we’re the UK’s No.1 Vegan Shower Gel. Original Source Shower Gel is made in the UK using 100% renewable energy and our bottles are 100% recyclable.

Enjoy your daily shower time with a sensorial hit of nature!

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