Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense 4-23 Burgundy Red Permanent Hair Dye


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Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense 4-23 Burgundy Red Permanent Hair Dye

For strong and healthy-looking hair. Achieve strong and healthy-looking hair that provides 100% grey coverage while being ammonia-free with Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense.

The oil in the formula boosts the penetration of the colour pigments, providing a rich and long-lasting colour. Kit contains everything needed for precise application. Find your perfect shade using the shade guide on the back of pack. This shade is suitable for medium blonde to medium brown shades.

This rich oil mask with Schwarzkopf’s bonding technology HaptIQ system intensively cares for the hair by: Creating new micro-bonds within the hair. Enveloping the hair with a protective layer. Restoring strength for up to 90% less hair breakage. HaptIQ – Beautiful hair results you can feel

Directions 1. Preparation: Before starting the application, use something to protect your clothes and place a watch nearby so that you can monitor the application time. Make sure you have conducted an allergy alert test. Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense is to be used on dry, not pre-washed hair. 2. Mixing: Put on the clothing protection and the gloves supplied. Unscrew the nozzle of the developer lotion. Open the colour cream tube by piercing the tube sealing with the reverse side of the cap. Squeeze the whole content of the tube into the developer lotion. Replace the nozzle and shake it vigorously until all components are thoroughly mixed and turned into a smooth cream. Finally unscrew the upper cap and start with the application immediately. 3. Application: Apply the prepared mixture evenly from the roots to the ends of your hair. Then distribute it evenly to ensure all hair is evenly covered. Leave to develop for 30 minutes. For shade 10-50: Leave in for 45 minutes. 4. Rinsing and after treatment: At the end of the application time, apply warm water to the hair and work into a lather. Then rinse out thoroughly until water runs clear. As a subsequent care treatment, apply the specially developed Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense Rich Conditioner with Oil into the wet hair. Leave for 2 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.

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